BID LEVY 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2019
Option to pay by Direct Debit but please make arrangements with LB Sutton direct as they Invoice the BID Levy annually in April.
The 5 year term ends 31st March 2019 and we hope, with your help to renew for a further 5 year term, taking us to 2024.

The BID levy is based on rateable value and is paid over and above the rates by all companies in the BID area.It is due on the 1st of April each year,payable in advance with an option of quarterly payments and is collected by the London Borough of Sutton on behalf of KIPPA BID LTD
BID Levy Rules state that there will be a 2% increase each year on the levy.

The LB Sutton are authorised under the terms of the BID to take legal action againest non payers. The levy will be increased by 2% per annum.
Rateable Value   Levy April 2018 April 2019                                                                                                                                                                     
A) Up to £20,000                        £347           £354
B) £20,001 to £35.000                 £542           £553
C) £35,001 to £70,000                 £866           £883
D) £70,001 to £100,000               £1298        £1324                                                 
E) £100,001 to £170,000            £2165         £2208
F) Over £170,000                      £3247          £3312                                             

No VAT is charged

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