Great news re additional CCTV cameras.  An LDA grant £15,000 and £20,000 from LB Sutton plus approximately £8,000 from the CCTV/ Police department has enabled us to install ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition) cameras on all three entrance/exits with an additional camera at the far end of the Pyl Brook path by the levelling pond. The work should be completed  March 2010.
After a few supply problems the Cameras were operational in June.
We have been working for more than three years to get two lanes out of Kimpton Park Way and on Thursday 17th December 2009 we finally achieved this.
There are now new pictures on the "Photos Page" showing the two lanes out of Kimpton Park Way, the location of the three sites for the ANPR cameras, and location of a new camera at the far end of the Pyl Brook path near the A24.
The Cameras on the Entrances and Exits were ready for operation in June 2010 but not fully operational  the Camera near the A24 is working. 

Work is being carried out on re-routing the Pyl Brook through Kimpton Recreation Ground which is designed to prevent flooding.
This work was completed Easter 2011
The Recreation Ground is also being redesigned to include a children's play area with new paths and bridge to connect the Recreation Area to the Pyl Brook path leading to the A24 and was partially opened in March 2010.
Completed Easter 2011

The Hamilton Rec was opened Easter 2011, KIPPA orgainsed an Easter Egg Hunt, thanks to Tescoes for the eggs, a good time was had by all.

Security Signs have been ordered for all KIPPA BID LTD members with a Photo of a Security camera reading "Industrial Park under 24hr CCTV and Security Patrol Surveillance" with the website 

These have now been distributed  by Maurice our groundsman August to November but if you require extra signs please email
kippa-@hotmail.com  as we have  stock for "New Companies" or to replace broken or missing signs.

Following on from the Security measures that the KIPPA BID board have put into place over the last two years we are pleased to report that we have now had a nine month period without a major incident being reported (yes we know thats asking for trouble) which is very good news and justifies all the work that has been done to achieve this.
As of May 2011. Update:- As of May 2014.

We have at last managed to go to planning with a Map of Kimpton Industrial Park to be positioned near Big Yellow to guide visitors to there location.
Planning was agreed in September the Sign was ordered and it was put in place  on the 19th November 2010.

 Click on "The Map" to view it and do pass our website on to your customers.

A Chance for you to have your "Say"
Meet and Greet Paul Burstow MP, LB Sutton Representatives and local SNT Police Sergeant Jessica Timms on the 19th November 2010 at 1 o/c, location Designplan offices Wealdstone Road Kimpton Industrial Park.

Sandwiches tea coffee and soft drinks will be provided.
Why not have your lunch break with "KIPPA". 

The meeting proved to be very useful, cementing our working relationship with all concerned.

The LB of Sutton are one of four Boroughs involved in the "Big Society" which has been launched by the Government to give the community in General a Bigger say in the running of the  Borough.

KIPPA BID LTD have applied to be a Community Representative at the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee meetings where all of the Councillors and the General Public attend.

We have been accepted as a Representative which will be essential as all matters concerning the Kimpton Industrial Park are discussed and resolved at these meetings.

Having attended the first meeting it is evident that we will need to be there to protect the best interests of Kimpton and to be involved in the "Big Society".

At the January 2011 meeting it was confirmed that a "Zebra Crossing" would go in near to Kimpton Road in Gander Green Lane,work to be completed asap.

Sorry to say that the Police turned this down on safety grounds.

A "New Page" has been added to the website "Job Centre Plus & Gov.uk websites".

This is in response to an approach by  "Job Centre Plus" to assist companies in finding staff and some members asking for information on legislation and various  Government departments. 

EARLY SNOW  Nov/Dec 2010
Thanks to a Salt storage arrangement with Designplan and LB Sutton we were given priority gritting for the first time which was a great help to us all.

Another "New Page" has been added "KIPPA Board Meetings".

April 2011
The Guardian building in Sandiford Road which has been in a state of disrepair for a number of years has been vandalised to the point that it is very dangerous and is attracting youths on to Kimpton, potentially causing problems for us all.

The Police and Chubb are keeping an eye out but if you see youths damaging that property or any other property please dial 999.

We have asked the LB Sutton to take legal action but sadly this will take time.

Friday 5th August 2011 meeting with TFL, L B Sutton and the Police to agree the location of the Bus Stops for the S 3 to come through Kimpton.

Following a very open discussion it was agreed to endeavour to locate the Bus Stops in Kimpton Road away from the Width Restriction near the houses.

Colin Newton spoke to the people living in the first three houses and none of them objected to Request Bus Stops.

It is hoped that this will be  away forward. This has been on going for a number of years now.

The Bus Stops will be located in Kimpton Road and Tesco's Road.

The LB Sutton are intending to go wireless on the whole of the Boroughs CCTV system which will reduce costs. When that happens we will locate  additional cameras on that corner to cover the width restriction, Bus Stops and the Park

Agreement has been reached on the design of the width restriction including the access for the S3 Bus. The posts will be 750 mm High on the 7 ft width allowing the smallest cars wing mirrors to pass over the posts.

Installation February 2012.

From the 6th August 2011 there will be  an extra Patrol every day during the School Holidays.
This  extra cover will coincide with the recent Riots in London.
The team in the CCTV department at the Sutton Police Station will be extra vigilant as well.

Sept 2011
We have arranged a special deal with Evans Autos to supply a car for our local SNT Team on a three year lease.  This will improve our cover and the efficiency of the team.

October 2011

Arrangements were made for a First Aid course at the Sutton Life Centre which was well attended and everybody passed with flying colours giving them a Certificate covering three years. This is a legal requirement.

We will be looking at other courses that are a legal requirement.

January 2011
We are considering Salt/Grit boxes placed on some premises and around Kimpton for next winter  2012/2013 ?  Whats your view ?  email kippa-@hotmail.com 

Salt and Bins have been placed around Kimpton for the winter September 2012 

Changes were made to the width Restriction early February 2012 to accommodate the S3 Bus that will be re-routed through Kimpton Summer of 2012. 

The S3 Bus was re-routed through Kimpton on Sat 14th July 2012

The changes to the Width Restriction are causing problems with many of our members to the point that they can not use it.
We have been negotiating with the Borough Enginneers and Council Emoloyees representing Kimpton for a number of months as the rest of the Borough enjoy 7ft 6 width on the posts with a 7 ft Sign they finally turned our proposal down early November2012 referreing us to the Councillors  for a decision, will keep you informed.

Had a meeting with the Councillors November 2012 and as there was an election early December they asked to defer a desicion untill after the election as they did not want to upset the residents in Kimpton Road.

We agreed to this as we did not want to risk a refusal to our suggestion to slow the traffic down and make it safer to use.
We managed to meet the Councillors,  Engineers,  LB Sutton Representative that we work with on Kimpton and a local resident from Kimpton Road on the 10th Jan 2013.

We prepaired drawings of our proposal to slow traffic and make it safer to use and following lenghty discussions they all agreed in princible to the changes.
The next step is to agree the detailed drawing of the changes and obtain quotes for the work.

Width Restriction Up Date Feb 2013
We have agreed a price and detailed drawing that we received from the Council Engineers.
The kerb will be raised and extended in length at a width of 7ft wide and the posts will be winded by 3 inches either side making it 7' 6" wide.
It is hoped this will slow the traffic down but make it safer to use.
Thanks to the Councillors,  local Residents and the LB Sutton team for their help with this, very much appreciated. KIPPA BID LTD paid just over 6k for the improvements.

We have experienced a Big problem with HGVs negotiating Minden Road to deliver, there has been a large increase in the number of cars parked in that Road and the Yellow Lines need to be extended to accomadate this.

All Yellow Lines have to be approved by the Councillors and at our request one of the Councillors visited the site and agreed that we have a problem.

The Councillors then agreed to put this on the Agenda for the Nth Cheam Worcester Park Council meeting at short notice which will be held on the  7th Feb 2013 at 7pm  St Bedes Sutton.
Colin Newton will attend the meeting on behalf of KIPPA.
Report from meeting will follow.

Pleased to say we have had the ok from the Councillors and can proceed but as ever it will take time.

Whilst we will lose a few car park spaces it is essential that HGVs can deliver in to Minden Road Safely, we have had two cars damaged recently.
For your information one side of Kimpton Park Way is empty between Screwfix and near the Re- Cycling Centre with a camera on the LB Sutton web site covering that section,  you can click on it  24/7.

We will also be looking at  the Parking Problem's in the future with a view to making Parking Bays by removing grass verge's, would welcome your view by email.
This would be a "Big Project" in conjubction with the LB Sutton and at this stage it will be a feasibility study.
Width Restriction Up Date
After prolonged negotiations the width restrictions have been Re-Designed from rough drawings that KIPPA provided. 
This work was completed the first week of April 2013, it is much safer to use but please keep your speed down as families are crossing to enter the park.

It has taken nearlly 2 years but we have finaly agreed a financil package for BT Openreach to bring Fast Broadband to all the boxes on Kimpton.
This will increase the speed on existing cabling from 15mbs to 35mbs and will be available from your exesting supplier.
This will come on line January 2015, in advance of this BT will bring a moble unit to Kimpton to demonstrate the speed.
May 2014
Work is on going to remove some of the grass verges on Kimpton, we have engauged the LB Sutton and TFL to move this forward.
June 2014
Working with Paul Burstow and Caroline Pidgeon (GLA) we are applying for EU Funding to widen the roads on Kimpton. Our application will be for up to 500k. This will be long haul. 
Dec 2014
Many delays with BT Openreach, update to follow.
March 2015 BT Cab 6 due to be on line May 2015. Compleated end May 2015, Fast Broadband on line for half of the Industrial Park.
Cab 45 due to come on line Sept 2015. Super Fast Broadband installed December 2015 for all members and local residents, KIPPA paid 23k to provide fast Broadband to all members.
April 2015
Soloman engaged to apply for EU Funding on behalf of KIPPA BID LTD working with the LBS, GLA and tfl to secure up to 500k. Our application failed.
May 2015
Applied to the LBS for double Yellow Lines (3 cars length)outside 40 Kimpton Road, trucks can not  turn off Kimpton Road to deliver goods.
Double Yellow lines outside the rear of Premier Skips to allow trucks to access new exit/entrance on Minden Road (3 cars length)
September 2015
Meeting with traffic/parking officers LBS to agree additional yellow lines on Kimpton, on going.
December 2016.
Welcome to Parcel Force (Royal Mail) and Travis Perkins.
June 2017
Corner of Sandiford Road removed, taken over 2 years.
Start of phase one of the yellow lines on Kimpton started 10th June 2017, on going evenings and weekends until complete.


We have a number of new companies joining us on Kimpton. We extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to hearing from you should you require any further information.