The KIPPA Board have been working with our local MP, Councillors, Council employees, Police and local Residents.

This is all part of "The BIG SOCIETY" which has been in the News a lot lately (14thFeb 2011)

The "Localism Bill 2010-2011" which was finalised on the 13th December 2011 and I quote "To Devolve Greater Powers to Councils & Neighbourhoods and give Local Communities more control over Housing & Planning Decisions".

Sponsoring our local "Neighbourhood Watch Team" is part of this.
The aim is to help the local SNT Police do there job and keep Local Residents informed of the problems in there area, which would of course include Kimpton.

 The Police and the SNHW team are very grateful indeed.

The distribution of 4000 leaflets shown below and three others four times a year to all the homes in our immediate area has greatly improved attendance at there meetings.

We will be promoting KIPPA BID LTD on every leaflet as there will be a time in the future when we will have to work with Councillors and Local Residents on Planning and all matters concerning Kimpton.

Please keep up to date on the website and any comments to 

The AGM is April, we have 5 years as a BID area.
See web page re Board Meetings, any comments? 

Very useful web site

Click on pdf below for "Localism Bill in Plain English"
I am not so sure thats the case but it may be helpful.
The KIPPA Board will be meeting with a Council Representative to discuss the Bill.


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