We are a "Business Improvement District".

Recognised by Government and supported by the LB Sutton and Partners.


KIMPTON IS SAFER, Improved Traffic Flow & Continues to Expand.

 For KIPPA BID LTD to continue "Vote YES" Nov 2018 to renew BID3 April 2019. We have a legal obligation to renew every 5 years.

 Crime prevention has always been the number 1 priorty. We have a good record and over 40% of our BID levy monies are spent every year ensuring  we stay safe - from CCTV to ANPR cameras linking directly to the local police station - to working closely with the Police and the Safer Neighbourhood Watch team. 


 If you have just moved onto Kimpton you are a member of "KIPPA BID LTD" and enjoy the benefits. 

The BID Levy is based on your business rates, invoiced by the LB Sutton annually in April (see Annual BID Levy).

If you require additional information please email kippa-@Hotmail.com.


The Board of KIPPA BID LTD (Kimpton Industrial Park Proprietors Association), welcomes you to the Kimpton Industrial Park. We volunteer our services.




Working with all parties Kimpton has had no major crime from 2010.  Improved way finding and aditional yellow lines has reduced congestion resulting in Improved  traffic flow for members and suppliers.

There will be a 2% annual levy increase.

The BID Levy also pays for cctv, ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) stored in the Sutton Police station for 30 days plus night patrols. We also provide a car for the local SNT Police.

Decenber 2016, we installed three Defibrillators on Kimpton. Dial 999 for locations. Unit available 24/7 rear of ABC HIRE Unit 2 Wealdstone Road SM3 9QN. Gate not locked. Also Trimark, iO Centre Kimpton Park Way and Brattonsound, Minden Road, gated out of hours.
KIPPA paid 23k for Super Fast Broadband as pledged in our BID2 renewal program.
Contact your Broadband provider to upgrade, it should only cost a few pounds extra per month on existing cabling.

We have agreed to pay LBS 43 k for an additional 9 cctv cameras.

We have been lobbying for years to improve our Infrastructure due to the rapid expansion on Kimpton. Roads built in the early 1950's (for horse and carts) have, at times made it impossible to cope with the HGVs of the 21st century. 
We continue to apply for EU, GLA and tfl funding.
The Board will continue working with Sutton Council and others to insure that our members are able to expand their businesses, create jobs and enjoy a safer working environment.  The LB Sutton have engauged Project Centre Ltd, a specialist in traffic and parking control to improve traffic flow. 
March 2017 the LBS have given notice ref WL 1012 www.sutton.gov.uk/trafficpublicnotices click on "Notices of Proposals" then WL 1042 for the first of a two phase program for additional yellow lines to improve traffic flow & congestion.
Crime prevention and this project will be our priority. 
Kimpton will be represented in all matters concerning the Industrial Park,  working with senior officials in the LB Sutton, local Councillors, MPs , local residents the Police and the Safer Neighbourhood Watch Team.
The Industrial Park is still expanding and with this expansion we are working with the LBS to add additional cameras to keep Kimpton safe and prevent fly tipping. KIPPA BID LTD will pay 43 k for the cameras.(completed December 2017) with nine additional cctv cameras supplied by the LBS. A number of these new cameras will be in Minden Road and for the first time Four Seasons Crescent will be covered. Recordings stored in the Sutton Police Station for 30 days.


Map of Kimpton Industrial Park


SIGNS 2 meters HIGH for HGVs

KIPPA BID LTD was founded  1 April 2009

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The LB Sutton will take legal action for none
payment of annual BID levy

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HGVs, "NO ACCESS VIA GANDER GREEN LANE/KIMPTON ROAD"  7 ft width restriction and Bus Lane.  
HGVs turning into Kimpton Road are causing major problems for local residents and the drivers of the HGVs as they drive up to the width restriction (Poor signage on the A217).
Working with TFL the Signage was improved on the A217 and A24 July 2014 but it hasn't stopped them using Gander Green Lane. We are working to improve the signage to keep HGVs off this road.
We Work with the local SNHW team, paying for 4000 leaflets, this encourages locals to report incidents on Kimpton and the surrounding area. They are the largest group in the Borough with the lowest crime.

 Our story so far:-
 FORMATION OF KIPPA BID LTD a 5 year term from 1st April 2009 to 31st March 2014
Our members help us  renew for a further 5 years from 1st April 2014, the Board volunteer their services.

In 2004 The Society of London Manufacturers http://www.soloman.co.uk/
 (SOLOMAN) managed to get together a number of like minded business people and as a result KIPPA was formed to improve the environment and standing of the industrial estate. For just over 4 years KIPPA was funded by voluntary contributions from some of the businesses and a great deal was achieved in that time.

During 2009 a grant was obtained from the London Development Agency (LDA) via SOLOMAN which enabled us, with their help, to create a Business Improvement District (BID). The BID was successful and thanks to all the businesses, Sutton Council and Soloman, KIPPA BID LTD commenced on 1st April 2009.
For information on other BIDs in the area http://www.soloman.co.uk/ and click on"THE BIDs"
A copy of the BID Brochure is available, email kippa-@hotmail.com and we will post it to you.
We have a PDF that you can click on above or go to ANNUAL BID LEVY to download.


KIMPTON ROAD WIDTH RESTRICTION GATES - After prolonged negotiations with the LB Sutton we have agreement to keep the road open permentaly (was open 2 hours morning & evening) as a width restriction to prevent heavy industrial traffic, however it will be redesigned for cars and light vans.

S3 BUS-  This may be re-routed through Kimpton Road/Wealdstone to Tescoe's and if so we will have the opportunity to redesign the width restriction again. Completed Summer 2012 but width restriction is not safe to use. KIPPA BID LTD paid for redesign,  Work completed April 2013 and is safe to use.

CHUBB SECURITY - Sold out to G4s 2012 who now patrol twice a night at varying intervals and provide a very good service.

CCTV- With the further assistance of SOLOMAN we have won a grant of £15,000 to help us install additional CCTV cameras and ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition) cameras and are in the process of working with the Police and Sutton Council to agree on the best use of these funds.
ANPR and CCTV cameras are in place on the three entrance and exits to Kimpton, paid for by KIPPA with some financial help from the LB Sutton. Number plate and photo of every vehicle is stored in the Sutton Police Station for 30 days.
KIPPA is also paying approx £5 k per annum for maintainace and rental.
With  warning Signs on premises around Kimpton and the additional cameras there has been no serious "Crime" (as of April 2016).

KIMPTON PARK WAY  - The exit onto the A217 will be increased to two lanes during the autumn of 2009 subject to Transport for London (TFL), a project we have been working on for over two years.  UPDATE -  The two lanes out of Kimpton Park Way were completed December 2009.

MINDEN ROAD- This will be opened at the far end to allow traffic to exit via Kimpton Park Way, which we have been working on for over two years. UPDATE - Minden Road was opened November 2009

SIGNS- The major road sign at Abbots Road on the A217 needs changing to stop HGVs etc turning into Gander Green Lane, finally  been agreed by TFL having been rejected twice by them. We have been working on this for over two years. UPDATE - The sign was changed on 1st October 2009 and will direct HGVs to Kimpton Park Way. Still not working, more signs required. Update-  following complaints from residents in Gander Green Lane we were able to lobby tfl to improve direction signs to Kimpton Industrial Park via  Kimpton Park Way, signs improved on the A217 and A24 July 2014. The situation has improved.

MAPS - It took nearly three years to get www.streetmap.co.uk to up date the street map of Kimpton..

COMPANY LIST- We could, with permission, produce a list of companies on Kimpton with name, address, brief description, web site and contact details.  This might generate more business, especially inter-trading, which we could all do with.  

OTHER PROJECTS - We are working on several but feel free to email suggestions.

MAP- We have agreement from the Borough that they will pay for a map to our design, located just before Wealdstone Road on Kimpton Park Way  showing Roads and the best route to that location.  We to maintain in the future. This can be seen on page two of this site, "The Map".  This will be a great help to all concerned, you could pass this web site on to customers and suppliers to help them find their way onto Kimpton, as it is still a problem.

It may be some time before "The Map" is installed  in Kimpton Park Way due to planning approval requirements.
Very pleased to say that "The Map" was located next to Big Yellow on the 19th November 2010.

If you require further information please email kippa-@hotmail.com

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